Subject:  Is this a type of dung beetle..?
Geographic location of the bug:  St.Louis MO
August 25, 2017
Sitting on my back patio a little west of St.Louis MO when this guy decided to join… Couldn’t see real well at first since my lights were off and it was dark out… thought it was a June bug but when I grabbed it I realized it was quite a bit bigger than a June bug snapped some pics and let it go out by my garden… it was really strong and had pretty unique 8 white or pearl collered lines 4 on the rear of each wing covers… I can’t find anything online that looks like it please help identify…thanks
How you want your letter signed:  Tim H

Dung Beetle

Dear Tim,
This is certainly a Dung Beetle, and we believe based on this BugGuide image, that it is
Dichotomius carolinus.  According to BugGuide:  “A big, black or blackish-brown, and bulky dung beetle. Note prominent striations on elytra, though these are often partly filled with dirt. Pronotum distinctively shaped. Vertex of head has short, blunt horn in male.”

Dung Beetle


Location: St. Louis, Missouri

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