Subject: What is this bug
Location: West Texas
August 21, 2017 11:21 am
I live in Texas and as children we called these bugs rainbugs because they only came out after a rain. I have not seen one in decades and figured they went the way of the horned toad, but I found ONE the other day. These are pictures of it. They do not bite or sting and have a red velvety covering. WHAT IS IT???
Signature: kathy mirick

Velvet Mite

Dear Kathy,
We are sorry to hear that you no longer see Horned Toads, but we suspect that the disappearance of native Ants like Harvester Ants is a contributing factor.  Invasive species like the Argentine Ants are compromising native species in many places.  This is a Velvet Mite, and you are correct that they generally appear shortly after a rain.

Location: Texas

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