Subject: Eclipse 2017
Location: Farmington, CT USA
August 21, 2017 1:00 pm
While we were busy going in and out of the door at work watching the eclipse through our approved pinhole box, this fellow decided to apply for a job. We decided he didn’t quite fit the position and showed him the way out, but not before taking his beauty shot. For further reference, could you please tell us what he is/was? Two inches long, with antenna stretching almost 5 inches tip to tip! Amazing creature.
Signature: Otto Katz

Spined Oak Borer

Dear Otto,
Your eclipse visitor appears to be a Spined Oak Borer,
Elaphidion mucronatum, which we identified using Arthur V. Evans book Beetles of Eastern North America, where it states:  “Antennae extend past tips of elytra (male) or not (female)” and “Larvae develop in dead branches of deciduous trees and shrubs, also bald cypress.”  We verified that identification with this BugGuide image, and BugGuide states:  “Extremely polyphagous; hosts include most eastern hardwoods & shrubs.”  The extreme length of the antennae on your individual indicates it is a male.

Location: Farmington, Connecticut

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