Subject: Unicorn Mantis
Location: Southern AZ (Santa Cruz county)
August 22, 2017 10:35 am
We have one of these rare mantis, shown here ready to catch flies.
See photo
I was told in was an AZ Unicorn Mantis and the first one our resident expert has seen here. I see you already have it listed in WTB as an Mexican Unicorn Mantis… I suppose this is the same. Nevertheless you can note this mantis is also in our region for the files.
Amazing to watch it catch flies.
Signature: Len Nowak ( Salero Ranch )

Arizona Unicorn Mantis

Dear Len,
You have been sending in some wonderful images to our site.  Your immature Arizona Unicorn Mantis does look very similar to this individual posted to BugGuide.  According to BugGuide, the range is “In United States: south-central to southeastern Arizona” and the site also states “Mexican Unicorn Mantis, Phyllovates chlorophaea, though ranges apparently do not overlap in United States.”  That link leads one elsewhere on BugGuide to the Texas Unicorn Mantis page, so that species must be synonymous with the Mexican Unicorn Mantis.  Thanks for bringing our attention to the posting on our site of the Mexican Unicorn Mantis from 2008.  We suspect the two genera were observed after we created that link nine years ago.  We will update that posting based on the new information we have learned thanks to your submission.

Location: Santa Cruz County, Arizona

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