Subject: Tarantula gender (?)
Location: Southern AZ (Santa Cruz county)
August 21, 2017 8:36 am
Is there an easy way to determine the gender of our local tarantula without disturbing it? (photo attached)
Signature: Len Nowak (SALERO RANCH)

Male Tarantula, we believe

Dear Len,
This looks to us to be a male Tarantula, and it looks remarkably like this Tarantula from Nevada we posted recently.  We believe your Tarantula is a male for the following reasons.  It has large pedipalps.  The abdomen is small and the legs are long.  Male Tarantulas tend to wander in search of a mate.  Female Tarantulas are more sedentary, living in the same burrow for up to 25 years.  We have not read that.  We just believe it.

Location: Santa Cruz County, Arizona

2 Responses to Male, not Female Tarantula, we believe

  1. Josh says:

    Tarantulas are hard to sex dorsally. They have tarsal hooks on their front legs you can see if you get down close. Their palpal bulbs aren’t as pronounced as on other spiders, but there is definitely a feature. Best way of course is to examine an exuvia. I have a good picture of male tarantula where you can see the key features of an adult.

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