Subject: found this on top of my BBQ cover
Location: South San Francisco, California
August 19, 2017 12:01 am
He or she stood out like a sore thumb bright green on a Blacktop then it got blown over into the grass and I proceeded to try and take its picture. I had never seen anything like this only on TV I do a lot of gardening and notice on occasion on bug but this one really caught my eye I don’t know what it is I try to look it up can’t seem to find it I would say it was about between a quarter and a half inch long and the same in the Height
Signature: Terri E

Torpedo Bug

Dear Terri,
Commonly called a Torpedo Bug, this Flatid Planthopper goes by the scientific name
Siphanta acuta.  According to BugGuide:  “native to Australia, adventive elsewhere (New Zealand, Hawaii, S. Africa); established in CA” which makes it an Invasive Exotic Species.  It is described on BugGuide as being “green and triangular, with pink eyes and pointed head; forewings have many veins and cross veins, mimicking a leaf, and cover the body like the sides of a sloping roof when the insect is at rest.”

Torpedo Bug

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Location: San Francisco, California

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