Subject: scary orb web spider
Location: Bangalore, India
August 19, 2017 2:12 am
Dear bugman,
First up, congratulations for the work that you do. I found an orb weaver near my place. But it’s patterns don’t match up to any orb weavers on the internet. Please take a look at it
Signature: Gautam dikshit


Dear Gautam,
This is an Orbweaver in the genus Argiope, a group sometimes called Writing Spiders because of the zigzag stabilimentum woven into the web.  It might be
Argiope anasuja, which is pictured on the Orb Web Spiders of India site where it states:  “Argiope anasuja is a species of Orb spider found in Asia ranging from Pakistan to the Maldives. Like other species of the same genus, it builds a web with a zig-zag stabilimentum. The mature female of A. anasuja always rests at the centre of the orb with her head facing downwards. The orb has an opening at the centre and when disturbed she goes through the hole and exits on the other side of the plane of the web.”  Another very similar looking species found in India and pictured on Alamy is Argiope pulchella.


Location: Bangalore, India

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