Subject: Large caterpillar
Location: Southern AZ
August 19, 2017 10:04 am
We live in southern AZ had have these giant greenish gray (photo attachment) and tan version of this attached caterpillar on our AZ cotton. Are they the Horned devil caterpillar?
Signature: Len Nowak

Citheronia splendens sinaloensis Caterpillar

Dear Len,
You are quite observant to notice the similarities between your caterpillar and the Hickory Horned Devil, but that species is found only as far west as Texas according to BugGuide information.  Your individual looks so similar because it is a close relative in the same genus
Citheronia splendens sinaloensis, a moth with no common name.  The adult moth, which is pictured on BugGuide, is a darker, duller variation on the adult Royal Walnut Moth, the adult Hickory Horned Devil.

Citheronia splendens sinaloensis Caterpillar

Thanks Daniel
Besides the AZ horned devil….
We have amazing critters here at 4200′ in southern AZ.
A small sampling…
Signature:  Len Nowak

“Arizona Devil”

Thanks for the additional images Len.  The new “Arizona Devil” image is a wonderful addition to your previous posting.

Location: Southern Arizona

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