Subject: What’s this bug?
Location: Georgia
August 13, 2017 9:01 am
We’ve had a bug out break at my apartment. With two types of beetles. I suspect that the second one may be a bed bug. The first one is a beetle I can’t identify. I’ve been getting bit and a stingy feeling I imagine from two separate bugs. Can you help me identify them?
Signature: Extremely grateful, Shanice

Cockroach Nymph

Dear Shanice,
The insect on the tip of that impressively manicured finger is an immature Smoky Brown Cockroach,
Periplaneta fuliginosa, as you can see by comparing it to this BugGuide image.  According to Urban Entomology:  “Smoky-brown cockroaches require high humidity for survival. They are found outside in wooded areas that provide shade and moisture. They can also be seen in protected areas around homes (tree holes and mulch) and in buildings and attics. Stacks of lumber and firewood, sewer-access openings and trash piles can contribute to infestations. Once in structures they are commonly found in attics or near fireplaces. These cockroaches can be attracted by a leaky roof.”  We suspect the bites you are getting are coming from some other creature.  Your other images are somewhat blurry, however the insect in one image does resemble a Bed Bug and it is likely the cause of the bites.

Possible Bed Bug


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Location: Georgia

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