Subject: Monarch Butterfly egg
Location: Clinton Twp, MI 48036
August 10, 2017 9:17 am
I was wondering do all monarch eggs hatch? I collected what I thought were monarch eggs and check twice a day…some just disappear???? Is this possible? Thank you.
Signature: Cindy Richards

Monarch Egg

Dear Cindy,
If every insect egg that was ever laid eventually hatched and matured, humans would quickly get displaced on the planet.  We don’t know the circumstances of your collection process, or where the eggs are being housed once they are collected.   Are you collecting just the eggs, or the leaves?  How are you keeping the leaves fresh once you collect the eggs?  Why are you not leaving the eggs in place?   Many caterpillars eat the egg shell after hatching, and that provides their first meal.  Though your image does not have the same critical detail as this Learner.Org image of a Monarch Egg, they do appear quite similar.  Regarding eggs just disappearing, it is possible they are falling prey to something. 

Thank you for responding.  I cut off part of the milkweed leaf with the egg and kept them in a pan in the garage.  Yesterday I cut the entire leaf and carefully placed just the leaf stem in a vase of water in the house.  I removed the eggs because the milkweed was covered with ants and other bugs – I was afraid the eggs would be devoured.  We also have a large bird population.

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Location: Clinton Township, Michigan

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