Subject: Maybe a moth, but what type?
Location: Hampton, Virginia (August 10, 2017)
August 10, 2017 9:29 am
Good afternoon,
I found this little guy on my back passenger door, just below the window. I’m hypnotized by the pattern of his/her wings, and can’t help but wonder just who he/she may be…
[Rambling ensues, but long-story short thank you for the service and humane perspective you provide.]
(Lamar here, first time-visitor. It dawned me after I happened to take this photo that, in this day-and-age, there is likely a website out there with the ability to identify a critter through the means of a shared photo.
Sure enough. This is a great service you all offer. Sadly, the first results in my query to Google were related to extermination companies. In understand many believe they are limited to the typical service, but I was rather delighted to find WhatsThatBug with one or two scrolls, and to find that your service does not endorse extermination… it leaves our times all the more hopeful.)
Signature: (I’m not entirely sure, but any signature you would wish to add would work well, of course.)

Eyed Tiger Moth

Hi Lamar,
This is an Eyed Tiger Moth or Giant Leopard Moth,
Hypercompe scribonia.  We are very pleased to hear that you support our “humane perspective”.

Good evening Daniel,
Thank you for getting back to me so soon.
I did in fact type a “p” instead of an “o.” That happens too frequently.
After some reading last night about the Giant Leopard Moth, I began to wonder a little more.
Yesterday, after work, 4-5 hours after having first seen the moth at lunch, he was still there in the same location. I didn’t want to drive off with the moth on the door. So, I gently let him/her crawl on my hand and rest there for awhile:

Eyed Tiger Moth Lamar

Actually, he/she didn’t seem in any hurry. I couldn’t even get the guy to properly nestle onto a surface for awhile. While I didn’t want to leave him/her for the birds/other forces, I was not sure how he/she would survive in my car for a few more hours, either.
Ultimately, I placed him/her in the buds of a Crate-Myrtle, and he/she crawled along.
It was daylight also, which seemed untimely. I’m still trying to understand this balance of embracing and leaving alone when appropriate. Lately, I’ve experienced a type of communication with other beings lately that I haven’t been able to define, other than it is comforting. I know that sounds insane, just as well.
With payday upon me, I’m about to happily donate to WhatsThatBug! I really thank you for your time,
Hi again Lamar,
Thank you both for your kindness to this Eyed Tiger Moth, for which we are tagging you with the Bug Humanitarian Award, and for your intentions to contribute to our site maintenance.
Location: Hampton, Virginia

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