Subject: South Korean insect
Location: Yongin, South Korea
August 11, 2017 9:26 am
Location: Yongin, South Korea (near Seoul).
Date: 11th of August 2017
Weather: Hot and humid (about 30 degrees Celsius)
I found this insect lying on its back on the outside of my hotel. The hotel is in urban area but there are small parks with ponds nearby.
When I turned it around it did not fly away but tried to climb the marble outer wall of the hotel. It lost grip (again ?) and fell back to the helpless position in which I spotted it the first time.
I held out my finger. It grabbed them and I set it into a small bush.
It did not move, just held on. Had no visible damage but seemed stunned or poisoned.
Did not try to fly a single time.
After 10 minutes it was still there. When I checked after one hour it was gone.
Hope it survived
Signature: Hertha


Dear Hertha,
The green veined, black wings on this Cicada are beautiful.  We are attempting to identify the species for you. We are tagging your submission with the Bug Humanitarian award.


Dear Daniel,
thank you for the quick answer and your efforts to find out the species.

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Location: Yongin, South Korea

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