Subject: Bug ID
Location: Southeast WA
August 6, 2017 5:35 pm
Having hundreds of these on my patio, walls, windows, etc. over the last couple weeks. Can you ID? I’m in eastern dry part of WA, temps have been near 100 during the last 2 weeks.
Signature: Gerry

Mediterranean Seed Bug

Dear Gerry,
This is a Mediterranean Seed Bug,
Xanthochilus saturnius, an introduced species that has naturalized along the west coast states in North America.  According to the Pacific Northwest Insect Management Handbook:  ” There is very little known about these bugs, possibly because they are not major economic pests. They do cause anxiety among homeowners, and costly eradication expenses.”  The PNIM Handbook also states:  “Even though they do no damage to house, humans, or pets, these seed bugs become a huge annoyance and costly to exterminate when they migrate into households.”

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Location: Washington

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