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Subject: Black and red bug MD
Location: MD, near Arnold
August 6, 2017 5:33 pm
Photo of black bug w/red “rear lights”. On a textured wall MD 2014 June. Paerhaps 30 crawling the wall None seen flying, but none observed climbing the wall. Mid-morning. Not shield-shaped, nor round/oval like ladybugs. Nothing white. See picture of the ~0.5 cm bugs. Any help much appreciated. None were touched…no smell apparent. Not at all aggressive but neither were they fearful.
Signature: William Hoffman

Florida Predatory Stink Bug nymphs

Dear William,
Despite their common name, these Florida Predatory Stink Bug nymphs have a range that greatly exceeds the Sunshine State.  They are beneficial predators in the garden.  When young they tend to hunt in a pack.

Thanks, Daniel.
For some insects I thought nymphs had different body shape than adults. How do these nymphs progress to adult?
Interestingly, I had found ref to podisus placidus on insectidentification.org but rejected it b/c it had white trim while my bugs did not. Apparently, the exact pattern of colors is not as important as body shape. Thanks again.
Bill Hoffman
Hi again Bill,
These nymphs will continue to grow, passing through five different instars before they molt into winged adult Florida Predatory Stink Bugs, sometimes called Halloween Bugs.
What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Arnold, Maryland

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