Subject: Pine Sawyer Beetle
Location: Oakland, CA
August 5, 2017 10:43 pm
Hi Bugman.
We find one of these in our yard at least once a year around mid summer. We have lots of trees on our property…old oaks and pines.
Lola Luisa, the curious 8 year old
Signature: Lola Luisa

PIne Sawyer

Dear Lola Luisa,
This appears to be a Ponderous Borer,
Trichocnemis (Ergates) spiculatus, based on this BugGuide image, and according to BugGuide, other common names include “Pine Sawyer, Western Pine Sawyer, Spined Woodborer, Ponderosa Pine Borer,” so we agree with your identification.

Location: Oakland, California

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