Subject: Chrome coloured beetle
Location: Ontario Canada on Lake Huron
August 4, 2017 4:34 pm
Not exactly sure what these are so I’m curious but I was taking a small hike with a friend and my dogs on the tiger Dunlop trail in Goderich Ontario. It’s a beach town but the parts of the trail we started to see them wasn’t close to water. We saw so many of these guys EVERYWHERE! They seemed as if they were decimating all of the plants as well? Seemed as if the concentration was mostly the wild fruit plants like the raspberries and grapes. It also seemed like they were always also in groups together like they are in the photo I took. Goderich Ontario is in Canada on Lake Huron. I think it’s classified as southwestern Ontario but I’m not certain.
Signature: Thora Bilcke

Mating Japanese Beetles

Dear Thora,
These are Japanese Beetles, an Invasive Exotic species first introduced to North America over a hundred years ago.  As you observed, they feed on many different plants and they represent a scourge to many home gardeners, especially those with a fondness for growing roses.

Hmm that is interesting. This is the first year I’ve ever seen them. Thank you!!

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Location: Goderich, Ontario, Canada

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