Subject: Juvenile maybe?
Location: Lupa Masa, east base of Mt.Kinabalu, Sabah
July 29, 2017 2:17 am
I happened to find this at 10pm , 28th July 2017.
I checked a lot of images and there are similar ones when googling Borneo huntsman. Thing is, this one is about 3cm in length.
Sorry the photo isn’t great, because my camera is an ancient lumix compact.
Are we looking at a juvenile?
I’ve seen others with similar colour and shape but way bigger.
Signature: In blood

Huntsman Spider or Wandering Spider?

Dear John,
We are not sure if this is a Huntsman Spider in the family Sparassidae or a Wandering Spider in the family Ctenidae.

Huntsman Spider or Wandering Spider?

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Location: Lupa Masa, Sabah, Borneo

2 Responses to Huntsman Spider or Wandering Spider from Borneo???

    • bugman says:

      They do look similar, but even if not the same species, it is great knowing about the David Bowie Spider.

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