Subject: Strange Flying Insect, Dangerous?
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
July 29, 2017 8:21 pm
I was visiting Culver’s with my family and my son, we we’re having a nice time dining indoors. I’d gone outside for a smoke break with my mum, when we noticed these large, frightening looking insects flying about. Due to the fact that my father is allergic and there is the possibility that i may be myself (i’ve never been stung), it caused me a significant amount of concern. Though my curiousity seemed to override that as i Had to snap a picture of one. I’ve never seen it before.
Signature: With Great Interest, Kara

Cicada Killer

Dear Kara,
This is one of our favorite summer identification requests, the impressive Cicada Killer.  Male Cicada Killers act defensive and they are territorial, guarding good nesting areas in the hopes a female will arrive.  Male Cicada Killers are perfectly harmless as they do not have stingers.  Female Cicada Killers are not aggressive, and though they have the ability to sting, we cannot confirm anyone actually being stung.  Female Cicada Killers use the stinger to paralyze Cicadas that are dragged back to the burrow to serve as a live food for the developing brood.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. We had not expected it to be harmless what-so-ever, it’s such a large bug (though i suppose it would only make sense as cicadas are larger bug themselves). Thank you again.

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

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