Subject: Agonoscelis puberula? Larvae?
Location: Houston, Texas
July 30, 2017 9:37 am
Hello. Our potted thyme plant has hundreds of what at first look like brown dried flower heads moving in the breeze. But on closer inspection, they are alive! They appear to be shells or cocoons that each house a small larvae, which pokes its head out from one end, and which spins a sort of attachment fiber, like a spider. Could these be larvae for Agonoscelis puberula? I’ve not found any pictures on the Web yet of such shells.
Signature: John in Texas


Dear John,
These are not African Cluster Bugs which are pictured on BugGuide.  These are caterpillars from some species of Bagworm moth in the family Psychidae.

Location: Houston, Texas

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