Subject: Bug Lovin’ on some QAL
Location: vermont
July 26, 2017 7:03 pm
Hello good bug people,
Whilst picking blueberries today I came upon this lovely couple in the throes of passion (insect-ercourse?) on some Queen Anne’s Lace. What species might this copulating couple be?
Many thanks for all you do — for bugs and the education of humans concerning bug-kind.
P.S. You might enjoy knowing that, upon finding this pair, I exclaimed, to no one in particular, “oh boy! a photo for What’s That Bug!”
Signature: julianna

Mating Flower Longhorns

Dear Julianna,
We love your letter.  Ever since we modernized and created a phone ap so our readership could easily scan our site and submit requests on cellular telephones, the written requests have gotten short, and many can even be called terse.  These are mating Flower Longhorns in the subfamily Lepturinae, and many species do not have common names.  Based on this BugGuide image, we are confident your individuals are Banded Longhorns,
Typocerus velutinus.  According to BugGuide:  “Pattern usually distinctive: broad yellow bands on a chestnut background. Sometimes bands are weak. Tends to be larger than several of the other common Flower Longhorns” and “Larvae feed on decaying hardwoods such as oak, hickory. Adults usually found in daytime, but do come to lights, so probably somewhat nocturnal.”  Your submission is a marvelous addition to our Bug Love tag.

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Location: Vermont

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