Subject: Moth
Location: Eastbourne, East Sussex
July 21, 2017 10:37 am
This moth was seen in Eastbourne, East Sussex, England on 8 June at around 4pm. I think it is some kind of tiger moth.
Signature: JJJ

Scarlet Tiger Moth

Dear JJJ,
You are correct that this is a Tiger Moth.  We identified it as a Scarlet Tiger Moth,
Callimorpha dominula, thanks to the image posted on the Animal Photos site where it states:  “Scarlet Tigers, like many other Tiger Moths, are active by day and by night, liking damp areas. They are among the few moths to eat nectar. Poisonous chemicals absorbed from host plants by their caterpillars give them red warning colours and make them unattractive to daytime predators. ”  According to UK Moths:  “The rather variable adults of this species usually have a metallic green sheen on the blackish areas of the forewing. It is one of the few tiger moths with developed mouthparts, allowing it to feed on nectar.  A day-flying species, it is locally common in southern and south-west England, south Wales and some areas in North-west England.”

Location: Eastbourne, East Sussex, England

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