Subject: Big black wasp?
Location: Toronto, ontario
July 23, 2017 10:02 am
Hi, we have seen a few of these flying around and going in between the windows. We we removed the inside screens to take a look we found lots of hay and something that looks like is was eggs and a big nest. What should we do to stop this
Signature: K & D

Grass Carrying Wasp

Dear K & D,
Your images are of a Grass Carrying Wasp and the nest of a Grass Carrying Wasp.  Grass Carrying Wasps frequently build nest, according to BugGuide “These wasps commonly make their nest in the narrow track found above outer windows.”  Grass Carrying Wasps are not aggressive, and if the nests are in a location that permits the adult wasps to escape once they emerge, we would suggest you just leave them alone.  Most of the images of Grass Carrying Wasps we have on our site are freshly made and newly provisioned with Tree Crickets.  Your nest was built last season and contains the pupae of the soon to emerge adult wasps.

Grass Carrying Wasp Nest

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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