Subject: New Bug
Location: South Florida, USA
July 22, 2017 1:53 pm
I live in Miami Florida and have lived in my current house for six years. In the last two months I have started to see this type of bug dead around my house. Probably about ten of them in various places dead on the floor. Yesterday I saw what I thought was a dead one and when I went to push it aside to pick up later it started running around very quickly, not flying. Upon closer look it has wings which I was very surprised about. I haven’t seen it fly, just dead ones and this one running. It is summer here and I do not have pets. What is it please, thank you!
Signature: Marc

Ensign Wasp

Dear Marc,
This is a beneficial Ensign Wasp.  They are parasitoids that lay eggs on the ootheca or egg cases of Cockroaches, helping to control Cockroach populations.  If you are finding them dead, we suspect some pesticide is being used in your home to control unwanted insect populations.

Location: Miami, Florida

5 Responses to Ensign Wasps found dead

  1. George says:

    I have seen a lot of them inside my apartment too. But in my case all of them alive and flying. I get a kid. Would be it harmful in case it is a nest?

  2. Justme says:

    Unfortunately this means you have cockroaches. ..based on my experience.

  3. George says:

    Thanks for your response I will pay attention to that. Thanx!!!

  4. Esther E Scott says:

    I live in an apartment bldg. in south Mississippi. Today, I found an ensign wasp flying in my kitchen.
    I spray my own apartment, so I don’t have bugs, roaches in my apt., but I know they live in the dumpster downstairs, and people moving in sometimes bring them with them.
    It was interesting to find out that the Ensign Wasp is parasitic and kills roach eggs. I will tell management about this.
    Question…Are apartment buildings able to order Ensign Wasps to help with roach problems?
    I am a gardener, and I am always learning about harmful and beneficial insects, but this one was a new one on me! Especially finding it in my kitchen! I’m sorry I panicked and killed it. I saved it by encasing it with clear tape, so I can show it to our Pest Control person.

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