Subject: Unknown bug
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
July 22, 2017 3:03 pm
Hi! Thanks for offering this service.
This bug was found in Indianapolis in June in my backyard. I was watering some milkweed and coneflower and the bug landed on my leg.
I put the little guy in a Petrie dish and she/he used its front two little arms like clubs, almost dragging them across the dish. The other 4 legs operated normally.
Lastly, the body is green but the back is black/brown and the wings fold to create a kind of ‘t’.
Signature: John!

Ambush Bug

Dear John,
This is a predatory Ambush Bug.  Most images of Ambush Bugs on our site were taken on blossoms where the Ambush Bug waits to ambush its prey.

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

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