Subject: Bee eating Bug!
Location: Ogden Utah
July 20, 2017 9:44 pm
Hi! My friend in Ogden, Ut found this wee monster making a meal of her bees.
We can’t find a similar looking critter anywhere on Google, so I realize it could be a juvenile of some species or other, but…we’re stymied.
Signature: Philina

Bee Assassin: Apiomerus montanus

Dear Philina,
This is an Assassin Bug in the genus
Apiomerus, a group commonly called the Bee Assassins.  We are relatively confident your individual is Apiomeris montanus based on this BugGuide image.  Is Ogden at a high elevation?  The habitat, according to BugGuide is:  “Mountainous regions. Collected from 1075-2896 meters. “

Daniel, thank you! Ogden is at about 4800 feet, and right up in the foothills. So yeah, mountainous is a good word.
Any suggestions for my friends whose apiary is under attack?
Natural repellents?
Thank you!

Sorry Philina, we do not offer extermination advice.

Oh, she doesn’t want to exterminate them, just keep them away from her hives. I was thinking more like, if she sprinkled cayenne pepper around the hives, they don’t like it and won’t come by it, sort of ideas. But now that i read they can fly that’s not really useful anyway.
Thanks for the help in identifying it though. We were all making good guesses, but couldn’t find any matching pictures.

Location: Ogden, Utah

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