Subject: What is it?
Location: Northern lower michigan
July 12, 2017 5:07 pm
I planted a butterfly garden and today I found this little bugger tucked in between some leaves. Of coarse my concern is could he damage my milkweed or harm any eggs larvae or caterpillars? Is he ok or does he need to move it along?
Thank you,
Signature:  May Cross
Petoskey Michigan

Japanese Beetle

Dear May,
This is a Japanese Beetle, an Invasive Exotic species that is generally reviled among rose growers and other gardeners.  According to BugGuide:  “native to E. Asia, introduced in N. Amer. (NJ 1916, with nursery stock)” and “Larvae feed on roots of many plants. Adults feed on foliage, flowers and fruits of various plants. ”  While they damage and defoliate many landscaping plants including roses, rose of sharon, grapes and fruit trees, we doubt they will trouble your milkweed as it has a noxious sap that causes most insects to avoid feeding on the leaves.

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Location: Petoskey, Michigan

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