Subject: This bug is eating my tomato plants & I can’t identify after numerous searches
Location: West Tennessee
July 13, 2017 9:27 pm
I’m new to gardening. So far I’ve been able to identify the pests and beneficials in my garden. However, I’ve failed to identify this bug on any garden pest websites or other picture databases of bugs. Please help it appears these guys are eating on my tomato plants and I’d like to find out what they are so I can use natural means of controlling them.
Signature: Hannah

Margined Blister Beetle

Dear Hannah,
This is a Blister Beetle and we are very confident it is the Margined Blister Beetle,
Epicauta funebris, thanks to this image posted to BugGuide.  Of the genus,  BugGuide notes:  “Some species are crop pests.”

Location: West Tennessee

3 Responses to Margined Blister Beetle eating tomato plants

  1. lon says:

    What is best way to control blister beetles on tomatoes?

  2. Mary says:

    Just noticed these munching the heck out of some English Ivy right along a concrete sidewalk. I don’t care about the Ivy, it’s pretty hardy/ invasive, but my potted tomato nearby is another story! I caught a couple to ID, but I started a grab & squash elimination. I don’t like chemicals if I can help it. Many drop to the ground, so I check often. I can see where I’ve basically invited them to winter there. The bed has not been tended, just the border pruned. The neighbor’s dog has dug & laid there. Plenty of coverage to nest among leaves and roots. Guess I need to get busy & dig out that bed. BTW, I live in central Missouri.

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