Subject: Big flying unknown insect
July 11, 2017 7:53 pm
I just moved into a new home this month. Today, I have seen 4 (possibly 5, might have seen the same one more than once) of these bugs. I have never seen this kind before and have had no luck with Google. All the ones I’ve seen are rather large, about a quarter size or more. I’m worried there’s some kind of nest or something since I’ve seen so many in one day. Also worries if they sting or anything, as I have 4 small children in the home. I am located in southeast wisconsin, in a rural area with farm fields all around us. Please solve this mystery for me!
Signature: KP

Hairy Rove Beetle

Dear KP,
We identified your Hairy Rove Beetle,
Creophilus maxillosus, thanks to Arthur V. Evans’ excellent book Beetles of Eastern North America where it states:  “Adults appear in late spring, again in late summer;  feed on maggots at carcasses in open, wooded, and coastal habitats;  not uncommon in urban and suburban habitats.”  Here is a BugGuide image for comparison.  According to BugGuide:  “food maggots and adult flies, also other arthropods” and the habitat is “grassy and open forested habitats, lake/ocean shorelines; on carrion (typically, larger carcasses), rarely on dung, compost, or at lights.”  If you are finding them indoors, perhaps there is a dead animal in immediate vicinity of the house.  From the descriptions, we would go on the record that this is a beneficial predator that helps to control populations of flies.  Rove beetles are not venomous, but Evans’ book does state:  “Produce an irritating defensive chemical at the tip of the abdomen.”

Location: Wisconsin

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