Subject: What is this thing?
Location: Buffalo MN
July 9, 2017 2:13 pm
I found this under the soil in my shade garden. It has big red orange eyes. It looks like a slug of some sort but has legs that look almost like spider legs. Can I feed it to my son’s pet toad???
Signature: John and Nessa

Periodical Cicada Nymph

Dear John and Nessa,
This is a Cicada nymph, and immature Cicadas spend their juvenile lives underground feeding of fluids from plant roots.  We believe the red eyes are evidence that this is the nymph of a Periodical Cicada, commonly called a 17 Year Locust in northern states where the nymph survives underground for 17 years, emerging in late spring with 1000s of other Periodical Cicadas.  Here is a FlickR image of a Periodical Cicada nymph.  This year we documented an unusual Brood X emergence of stragglers.  You may enjoy the information on the Minnesota Gardener page.

Periodical Cicada Nymph

Location: Buffalo, Minnesota

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