Subject: What is this? Is it poisoness?
Location: Found it in Ohio
June 30, 2017 7:44 pm
Found this on a pillow next to my 2 year old son with something attached to it’s leg. Is this thing dangerous and what is it?
Signature: Alicia

Spined Oak Borer with Pseudoscorpion

Dear Alicia,
This is a Longicorn or Longhorned Borer Beetle in the family Cerambycidae, and members of this family are not poisonous.  The hitch-hiker is a Pseudoscorpion, and as a flightless creature, it is taking advantage of the flying beetle to move from location to location, an act known as phoresy.  We found an image of
Anelaphus pumilus on BugGuide  that is also transporting a Pseudoscorpion and we have an image in our archive of a Spined Oak Borer, Elaphidion mucronatum, with a Pseudoscorpion.  Your Longicorn appears to have spines on the tips of the wing covers and according to Eric Eaton, the Spined Oak Borer can be identified by a “pair of spines at the tip of each wing cover.”  We believe your Longicorn is a Spined Oak Borer.

Location: Ohio

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  1. Joy Glassman says:

    Which of these beetles listed on the left of this page sting or bite?

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