Subject: A nest of grasshoppers??
Location: Ontario Canada
July 8, 2017 10:30 am
We opened up our window on the second storey of our home and found this nest filled with these light green insect resembling a grasshopper. I didn’t think that they made nests so I’m not sure if my assumption is correct or how they would even get there. Any info would be really appreciated.
Signature: Thanks for any info.

Grass Carrying Wasp Nest

This is the nest of a Grass Carrying Wasp.  The female Grass Carrying Wasp constructs her nest and provisions it.  According to BugGuide:  “Larvae are fed Gryllidae (particularly tree crickets) or other Orthoptera.” 

Location: Ontario, Canada

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  1. Elizabeth Sufit says:

    This is cool — I just found similar nests with paralyzed katydids – but in the pipes of some wind chimes (I was cleaning them because the chimes didn’t sound right!) I was a little worried about what I might find. I found a few larva and cocoons and didn’t know what they were until I found an old cocoon that I opened and found a fully formed, small, wasp in it! The chimes were packed with grass nearly 4-5 inches worth. I was glad to see “someone” was helping with the katydid population, so I won’t disturb them further. I’m in the East Bay area of Northern California. I guess these wasps are wide-spread!

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