Subject: Museum pest or not?
Location: Big Bend region of Texas (Fort Davis)
July 7, 2017 7:12 am
These beetles just showed up in our IPM traps in one of our furnished historic houses & we are trying to identify. Could these be varied carpet beetles? Staff here is divided on whether these are this dreaded museum pest. In consulting various museum pest websites, these specimens do not exactly match the posted images but also look close enough to cause concern. They are quite small – 2-3mm and have mostly been caught at traps located at entrance/exit doors. We found your website & hope you may be able to help. The pictures are the best ones we could take & hopefully, are clear enough to allow identification. Thank you.
Signature: Jennifer

Carpet Beetles

Dear Jennifer,
The quality of your image is quite poor, but these are unmistakably Carpet Beetles.

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Location: Big Bend, Texas

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