Subject: What is this?
Location: Midwest. Elevation 5200
July 5, 2017 8:16 pm
Found this crawling on the stems of woody plants in my garden. Denver, CO. No clue what it is.
Signature: Caitlin

Exuvia of a Buffalo Treehopper Nymph

Dear Caitlin,
We hope helping you identify these immature Treehopper nymphs will benefit your “woody plants”.  First, this does not look like a living insect, but rather it looks like the cast-off exoskeleton or exuvia that is left behind after metamorphosis.  We believe this is a Buffalo Treehopper nymph in the genus
Ceresa, which is pictured on BugGuide, or a closely related species.  Like other members of the order Hemiptera, Buffalo Treehoppers have mouths designed to pierce and suck fluids, and if they are present in large numbers, they may have a significant negative impact on the health of your “woody plant” by depriving the plant of necessary fluids and nutrients for optimal development.

Exuvia of a Buffalo Treehopper Nymph

An immediate Facebook comment from Michael
HAHAHAHA “woody plant.” If that’s not a marijuana plant I’m the Pope.

Thank you for your help identifying these! I’ll have to look into these buffalo tree hopper nymphs. They were very much still alive when I found them on my plants. I have a video of one crawling on the soil after knocking it off the plant to get a better look. Again, thank you for your help and your very fast response!
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Location: Denver, Colorado

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