Subject: Neotibicen superbus
Location: Upper Texas Coast
July 4, 2017 11:34 pm
I found this superb dog-day cicada, Neotibicen superbus, lying in the street a week or two ago. While it is sadly deceased, I sent it in anyway because you do not seem to have another picture of the species aside from a blurry one from some years ago.
The cicada provided a meal for some ants, one of which is visible near the wing.
Signature: Lachlan

Superb Dog Day Cicada

Dear Lachlan,
Thanks so much for sending in your image of a Superb Dog Day Cicada.  According to BugGuide:  “This is the ‘greenest’ member of the Genus
Tibicen and characteristically distinct.  The abdomen and the outer margins of the wings are usually strongly yellowish-tan in color while the remainder of the insect is a bright lime green with reduced black patterning as compared with related species.”  BugGuide also notes it is “distinct in appearance and rarely if ever confused with other Tibicen spp.”

Location: Texas

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