Subject: Biiiig Beetle in the High Desert
Location: Sandia Park, NM
July 5, 2017 11:33 am
We found this huge beetle-like bug in Sandia Park, NM (just over 7,000 ft) on 7/3/17. I have never seen an insect this large in NM. Any idea what it might be? This was how we found and left it… it was 11pm as we were leaving a local house…
Signature: Kzrivera


Dear Kzrivera,
This is one of the Root Borers in the genus
Prionus, and there are several similar looking species found in New Mexico.  We cannot determine the exact species at this time.

Thank you Daniel.
That is how I found you, searching for a match and seeing a similar image with a different root borer (different body shape) on your website.
This is a great service you provide! We are moving from Albuquerque to Sandia Park and want to understand our new “neighbors.”
Location: Sandia Park, New Mexico

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