Subject: Female Dark Giant Horsefly?
Location: South West Wales
July 4, 2017 12:24 pm
Hi, found this insect on my window this morning, I’ve asked several friends to help identify it but the most likely contender seems to be the Dark Giant Horsefly and for it to be a female due to the band between the eyes. Would you agree?
Signature: Justin

Female Dark Giant Horsefly

Dear Justin,
We agree that this is a female Dark Giant Horsefly, though we do have one comment regarding the common name.  In North America, we reserve compound names using fly to refer to creatures that are not Flies, like Butterflies, Fireflies, Dobsonflies and Dragonflies, and the modifying naming strategy like Crane Flies, Fruit Flies and Flesh Flies, as well as Horse Flies, is used to identify true Flies in the order Diptera.

Location: Wales

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