Subject: What the heck is this?
Location: West Hartford, CT
June 30, 2017 8:54 am
I have never seen one of these before, and my go to bug nerd friend was stumped, too. It appears to have come out of a thin clear cocoon of sorts, so I am guessing it started life as an inconspicuous wormy thing recently reborn as this little weirdo. I found it on the window in my office.
Signature: Should I be Worried


Though it resembles a Preying Mantis, this Mantidfly is classified in a completely different insect order with Lacewings and Antlions.

Thanks! I put the little guy in my garden. Hopefully, that’s a better spot for it than my office. Definitely going to look this one up.
Have a great day!

Location: West Hartford, Connecticut

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