Subject: Beetle I think
Location: Norman, Oklahoma
June 27, 2017 8:52 pm
I found this guy in my raised garden planter.
at night ‎on Sunday, ‎June ‎25, ‎2017, at ‏‎7:13:10 PM
he was in the area with my carrot sprouts.
I live in Norman, Oklahoma.
I kept him for a day and a half in a jar and tried to find him on the net and in my books, with no luck.
I turned him lose in my front flower beds. I was afraid if I kept him any longer he would die.
-Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have run out of resources for finding this little guy. He was about a quarter inch long.
-Thank you for your help,
Signature: Heather

Case Bearing Leaf Beetle

Dear Heather,
We are quite confident that this is a Leaf Beetle in the family Chrysomelidae, and we believe it is a Tortoise Beetle in the Tribe Cassidini, but alas, we cannot locate any images on BugGuide or in Arthur Evans’ book Beetles of Eastern North America that remotely resemble it.  We are going to contact Eric Eaton and Arthur Evans to see if they can identify your beetle.

Case Bearing Leaf Beetle

Arthur Evans responds.
I’m thinking something like this:

Location: Norman, Oklahoma

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