Subject: Unidentified Moth
Location: Allegan, MI
June 28, 2017 9:52 am
Found on wood outside my office building near a river – camouflaged well with the wood.
Signature: Ani

Laurel Sphinx

Dear Ani,
This is a Laurel Sphinx,
Sphinx kalmiae, and it is very well camouflaged against that wooden wall.  According to Sphingidae of the Americas:  ” In Canada, Sphinx kalmiae is single-brooded with most adults on the wing in June and July.  In New Jersey and Connecticut and states of that latitude, the Laurel Sphinx is double-brooded (late May-June flight and then again in July-August).  There are as many as six broods in Louisiana with the first brood appearing in early to mid April.”

Laurel Sphinx

Location: Allegan, Michigan

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