Subject: Tabanus sudeticus
Location: Parkhill Inclosure. The New Forest. Hampshire
June 27, 2017 9:55 am
Hi. I have some pictures of a male Tabanus sudeticus, from The New Forest. What I’d like to know is – has the fly secreted this liquid? It didn’t seem to be feeding on it as I approached & didn’t move at all when I was taking photos. Thank you in advance.
Signature: Teresa

Male Horse Fly: Tabanus sudeticus

Dear Teresa,
Thanks for sending in your images of a male
Tabanus sudeticus.  According to Influential Points:  “Males of Tabanus sudeticus (not shown here) have the abdomen extensively yellow-orange. The facets in the upper two thirds of the compound eye of Tabanus sudeticus are, with the exception of those on hind margin, at least four times the size of the rest. ”  We know that many insects secrete fluids when they emerge from the pupal stage.  Your male Horse Fly is in prime physical condition.  Perhaps he just emerged and secreted fluids, and you took his images before his first flight.

Male Horse Fly: Tabanus sudeticus


Location: The New Forest, Hampshire

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