Subject: Large Bee – Ifrane, Morocco
Location: Ifrane, Morocco
June 26, 2017 4:07 pm
My 6yr old daughter spotted this magnificent beast this afternoon, just next to a bin on some grass. We were strolling through the town of Ifrane in the middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco (26th June).
Notable by its size – approximately 50mm end to end. Quite furry on its body except for a solid, shiny yellow head and 2 smooth, yellow oval patches on its back. Fine hairy legs too!
We’d love to know what it is!
Thank you
Signature: Naomi, Farida and Soukaina

Female Mammoth Wasp

Dear Naomi, Farida and Soukaina,
This is a female Mammoth Wasp, and we just finished posting another example of a female Mammoth Wasp from Venice, Italy.  The yellow headed female Mammoth Wasp is capable of stinging (black headed male Mammoth Wasps cannot sting) but she is not aggressive toward humans.  Her main goal is to locate the large grubs of Scarab Beetles.  When she finds one, she lays an egg that will feed upon the living Scarab Grub when it hatches, eventually killing the grub.

Female Mammoth Wasp

Hello Daniel
Absolutely delighted to hear your answer. Thank you so much for taking the time to help.
Best wishes,

Location: Ifrane, Morocco

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