Subject: Moth from Indiana?
Location: Indiana/Michigan
June 26, 2017 8:08 am
Hello, I have been seeking answers as to what kind of moth this is for the last three days, with no avail. Could you help? Thank you!
PS it’s 2 inches long about.
Signature: NLH

Titan Sphinx

Dear NLH,
Though the writing on your mounting board indicates Red Admiral, we believe this is a Titan Sphinx or White Banded Day Sphinx,
Aellopos titan, which we identified thanks to images posted to BugGuide where it states:  “Established in Florida Keys and deep southern U.S. Strays north to Maine and North Dakota.”   According to Sphingidae of the Americas:  “The sighting in Michigan in late June is quite a surprise, although with all the turbulent weather being experienced in North America, strong winds may have assisted a very early arrival so far north.”  Are you able to explain why the exact location, Indiana versus Michigan, is unknown?

Thank you, the reason I put Michigan/Indiana is because I was trying to help my friend identify this moth, and I believe he was around the border of the states when he caught it. It was around Lake Michigan, and I wasn’t exactly sure if it was caught in Michigan or Indiana.

Location: Indiana

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