Subject: Wasp like bug?
Location: England, Lancashire
June 25, 2017 5:24 am
Want to identify the bug. It landed on some clothing and it had a good grip, it would not let go of the cloth easily. It also did not fly away when disturbed.
Signature: ?

Banded General

Though we did not recognize the species, we suspected this might be a Soldier Fly in the family Stratiomyidae, and we soon found the Banded General, Stratiomys potamida, pictured on Nature Spot where it states:  “It is a slow and cumbersome flyer, often seen feeding on umbellifers and Bramble in wet and marshy areas” and “Its carnivorous larvae are amphibious, feeding in ponds and ditches.”  The site also states:  “Soldier flies get their name from their bold and bright colours and markings. This is a particularly striking example – looking like a very flat wasp.”  FlickR states “One of the ‘big five’ soldierflies” and has some great images.

Location: Lancashire, England

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