Subject: Wtf
Location: Northlands
June 9, 2017 6:29 pm
Found this in red rooster in Perth
Signature: jason battersby

Patterson’s Curse Crown Weevil

Dear Jason,
This is a very unusual looking Weevil.  According to Australian Critters, it is a Crown Weevil,
Mogulones larvatus.  Prior to locating the image on that site, we found images on the Agriculture Victoria site where we learned that two species of weevils, the Crown Weevil and the Root Weevil, were introduced to Australia beginning in 1994 as biological control agents against and invasive plant known as Patterson’s Curse.  According to Agriculture Victoria:  “Paterson’s curse, Echium plantagineum, is a noxious weed of European origin that now occurs in most states of Australia and is mainly a problem in pastures, on roadsides and in degraded and disturbed areas. It reduces agricultural productivity by competing with more nutritious pasture plants and because it is toxic to livestock when ingested continuously. … The crown boring weevil and the root boring weevil are two European insects that have been released in Australia for the biological control of Paterson’s curse.” There are additional images on Atlas of Living Australia.

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Location: Perth, Western Australia

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