Subject: Beetle
Location: Broken Arrow, OK
June 17, 2017 7:26 am
A neighbor of mine posted something about this bug. None of us knows what it is and I was wondering if you knew? I tried to google it but no luck….
Signature: Penny Roberts

Virginia Metallic Tiger Beetle

Dear Penny,
We began our research on identifying this Tiger Beetle with a web search that led us to the Beetles in the Bush site, where there are images of the Florida Metallic Tiger Beetle posted, and they look so similar to the individual in your images, that we suspected they might be in the same genus, so we searched the genus 
Tetracha on BugGuide which led us to the Virginia Metallic Tiger Beetle, Tetracha virginica, which is featured in some nice BugGuide images.  According to BugGuide:  “Crepuscular or nocturnal. Hides during day under stones, rocks, etc., especially near water. Attracted to lights at night” and it is described as “Tiger beetle shape. Glossy green body and elytra, distinctive compared to Cicindela species. Legs are a contrasting tan. Elytra lack maculations. Compared to other members of this genus, no light crescent-shaped markings at apex (tip) of elytra. Note also large size–largest North American member of this genus.”  Tiger Beetles are fierce hunters that pose no threat to humans, and for that reason, we are tagging this entry as Unnecessary Carnage.  We hope you inform your neighbor that these beautiful beetles, much prized by collectors for their gorgeous metallic colors, are beneficial in the hope that future encounters to not end with a death.  As an aside, though named the Virginia Metallic Tiger Beetle, this species is actually reported as far west as Texas and Oklahoma based on BugGuide data.   

Virginia Metallic Tiger Beetle

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Location: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

One Response to Virginia Metallic Tiger Beetle: Unnecessary Carnage

  1. Brian says:

    Was sitting, getting my hair cut and something bit my hip. I felt it in my long pants, and jumped up. A LOT of swatting and shaking, and i found nothing. An hour later i got home. Took my pants off, and one of these scurried out of my pantleg. I flagged him as necessary carnage. Tulsa OK btw.

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