Subject: What exactly is this type of moth
Location: Mason City Iowa
June 18, 2017 5:41 pm
This was in a city park hanging out at the base of the shelter pillar. It was not fond of moving about and needed about a 100 ft runway to get going to fly away. The moth just crawled onto my hand when I put in front of it. It was about 70 degrees in nornthern Iowa at about 5pm with a lightly wooded area as well as nature trails and farm land. The park is on the edge of tow .
Signature: Jarid

Modest Sphinx

Dear Jarid,
You can verify our identification of this Modest Sphinx or Poplar Sphinx,
Pachysphinx modesta, with images posted to the Sphingidae of the Americas site.

Location: Mason City, Iowa

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