Subject: Black and white bugs help
Location: Portage, Michigan, USA
June 4, 2017 11:27 am
Hello, my name is Krystina and you all helped identify what was a harmless bug. But I’m back with a new bug me and my friends found in the backyard. Thank you so much for your time and knowledge!
Signature: Krystina

Eyed Elater

Dear Krystina,
We are glad you are returning for a new identification.  This is a harmless Eyed Elater, the largest Click Beetle in North America.  Click Beetles are quite amusing.  Unlike most beetles that struggle if they find themselves on their backs, the Eyed Elater and other Click Beetles can snap their bodies, propelling themselves into the air so that they land on their feet.  What appear to be eyes are actually false eyespots that will potentially frighten away a predator that thinks a tasty morsel is actually a larger threat.  Dr. Kent Hovind’s Blog has a children’s story that explains those interesting aspects of the Eyed Elater.  Because our editorial staff will be away from the office later in the month, we are post-dating your submission to go live while we are on holiday.

Location: Portage, Michigan

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  1. Bob Mac says:

    I id’ed my Eyed Elater on garage door in Louisville KY.

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