Subject: Bug found in London, on, canada
Location: London, ontario, canada
June 3, 2017 9:33 am
Hi, I found this bug crawling across my basement floor yesterday. We live just outside of london, ontario, Canada. Its springtime and it has been hot recently. This bug is close to an inch in length I would say.
Signature: Curtis

Big Headed Ground Beetle

Dear Curtis,
We are pretty certain this is a Big Headed Ground Beetle,
Scarites subterraneus, but if we are wrong, it is a relative in the same genus.  You can verify our identification by comparing your image to images posted to BugGuide.  Ground Beetles are beneficial predators that pose no threat to humans.  We are post-dating your submission to go live to our site later in the month when our editorial staff is away from the office on holiday.

Location: London, Ontario, Canada

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