Subject: Egg cluster on fence
Location: Maryland USA
June 3, 2017 9:57 am
Can you identify this egg cluster? Found in late May after a somewhat rainy period. On the east side of the fence, our wind typically comes from the west
Looks like Mother Nature has OCD too!
Signature: Barb

Probably Moth Eggs

Dear Barb,
Eggs can be very difficult to identify.  Our best guess on this is that they are some type of Moth Egg, possibly a Tiger Moth.  We are certain they are not the eggs of a Painted Tiger Moth as it is a western species, but this BugGuide image would also be similar to the eggs of Tiger Moths found in the eastern parts of North America.  We are post-dating your submission to go live to our site later in the month when our editorial staff is out of the office on holiday.

Thanks for the speedy reply, Daniel!!
Was wondering if the eggs would hatch if I scrape some off into a container and keep in similar conditions?
Thanks again !!

Hi Barb,
That might work, but scraping them from the fence might damage them.  We are curious if there is some reason you don’t want to leave them on the fence and just let nature take its course.

Actually, I’d be more apt to leave them, just curious if a couple might hatch successfully but I’ll leave them.  My college entomology days are long past, lol.

Hi again Barb,
By all means, try removing a few.  Tiger Moths often make the egg shell their first meal.  Many Tiger Moth Caterpillars are general feeders that will eat a wide variety of “weed” plants. 

Mother Nature was also fast, I went out there about 3pm yesterday and the eggs were gone.  Lots of weed plants for them to feast on here, we don’t use any lawn chemicals because of the dogs, but the insects have to watch out for our 7 Guinea fowl.
Thanks again for your identification help!!!
Location: Maryland

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