Subject: Wasps
Location: Costa Blanca , spain
June 4, 2017 11:38 am
Hi guys can you help me identify this wasp found hovering in my garden today.
Signature: Adrian

Male Mammoth Wasp

Dear Adrian,
This is a male Mammoth Wasp,
Megascolia maculata flavifrons, and you can verify our identification by comparing your image to this FlickR image.  According to Project Noah:  “Meeting with this flying monster probably wont let you calm down for a while. The larger female (may reach 5.5-6 cm) can be told apart by her yellow head and short antennae. The male has a black head and longer antennae. Both have two yellow bands on their abdomens, which can be divided to form 4 spots as it is shown on the photos. Nevertheless, they hold no harm to humans despite their size, in contrast to common wasps and hornets. Indeed, mammoth wasps do have stings, but not for self-defence or nest protection (in fact, they are solitary wasps).”  We have several images of female Mammoth Wasps from Spain in our archives.  Interestingly, we just received a submission of a female Mammoth Wasp from Malta, and we post-dated the submission to go live to our site later in the month when our editorial staff is away on holiday.  We are also going to post-date your submission to go live on the same date.

Location: Costa Blanca, Spain

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